While we’re nearing the end of summer and entering the start of fall, there’s still a lot of time to rock some fresh white sneakers out in this sunny weather. White shoes give a clean and professional look, and can bring your outfit to a whole new level.

Keep in mind that not all of these sneakers are within a reasonable price range; however, I’ll also provide alternatives that are cheaper in price but are still able to pull off that clean look.

The Lifestyle Runner

Adidas Ultraboost (Triple White)

Yes, I’ve heard the debate about how Adidas’ creativity has plateaued in their Boost models, especially their Ultraboosts. However, you can’t deny how comfy these sneakers are, whether you’re a runner or not. The upper is made of prime knit, which helps with ventilation, allowing your foot to breathe. The boost material in the sole is held with a layer of Continental rubber underneath for both full traction as well as ultimate comfort. One of the upsides about the apparent “dead hype” surrounding this sneaker is that you’re able to find these in almost any sneaker store you walk into, and in various colours.

The High Top

Chuck Taylor 2 All Star

The Chuck Taylors have made their mark as a timeless pair of sneakers, as they have their own history, even being used in the military for soldiers to wear recreationally. While the Chuck’s may not be used as basketball shoes like they used to back in the day, these versatile shoes are so popular that they have been found on everyone’s feet at least once in their lifetime.

The Low Top

Adidas Superstar

The Superstars are one of the first sneakers you think of when you hear the brand Adidas. Like the Chucks, the Superstars have been used as basketball shoes. However, they quickly became popular by the hip-hop group Run DMC, even having a song named after them. These sneakers are great for a casual look, or to use as a daily beater.

What are your thoughts?

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