“Full disclosure: As Grailed promotes its Bape giveaway chock-full of camo-printed homewares, I couldn’t help but subconsciously jump to the unwarranted conclusion that, from my hotel window, I’d transform into a Fuccboi Rapunzel overlooking a long line of D.C.’s resellers and hypebeasts assembled for the A Ma Maniére grand opening and concurrent Off-White Prestos and Nike Parras drop. But I was proven wrong.

When you mix the words ‘hypebeast’ and ‘hotel’ together, you would probably imagine the entire room decked with Supreme, from the plates to the carpeting. Yet, as Fashionista writer Rae Witte states, its quite the opposite. She had the chance to visit the latest two suite hypebeast hotel in Washington, D.C, developed by the Atlanta-based retailer A Ma Maniére. Read her review by clicking the link below.

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