From Snapchat to Facebook, Instagram to even LinkedIn, emojis have become the go-to method to digitally express your feelings to one another (even though sometimes, you’re not actually laughing to the point of tears.) In fact, the world previously celebrated “World Emoji Day” not too long ago, on July 17th.

Apple has been hard at work developing new emojis that include people from various nationalities and cultures. With the release of iOS 12 later this fall, they’ve also unveiled roughly 70 new emojis that will be featured in their newest software. These emojis include representations of those with red, grey, or no hair, those of which will come alongside their variety of skin tones.

The new facial expression emojis include a “party face”, “pleading face”, “cold face”, and “face with hearts.”

Other emojis include various animals, such as a kangaroo and parrot, as well as foods, symbols, and even superheroes.

To see all the new emojis, click through the gallery above.

Leave a comment below as to your thoughts on these new emojis, as well as what other emojis Apple should come up with in the future.